Lustersheen® Brass Wool 5 lb. Reels


Lustersheen Brass Wool 5 lb. Reels



A web of metal wool approximately 1/4″ thick by 4″ wide is wound onto a 2-3/8″ ID fiber core to an outside diameter of about 8-12″ and weighing exactly 5 pounds net.

Brass wool offers excellent corrosion resistance when used in wet applications, or where exposure to the environment would cause discoloration or degradation.

Available in Fine – $152.00

Made in the USA

“Please note: Coarse and Medium grade metallic wool can cause something similar to a paper cut when the wools are used with bare hands. For this reason, we carry Kevlar gloves® which can be used with the Coarse and Medium grade metallic wools to protect your hands while using these products.”

Additional information

Weight5.3 lbs

Coarse, Medium, Fine


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